Good culture is profit?



Good employee culture can be the difference between success and failure. Good culture means higher productivity and increased margins. Culture creates business value because your people are your difference; their well-being and their sense of connection. The value of human capital is now 3 times that of the physical assets in the developed business world.


Good culture is not a luxury

Until now employee culture has been under the ownership of HR, low on the list of business priorities, non-existent as a key performance indicator and measured using tools that are fuzzy and only indirectly related to performance. Today culture is the responsibility of the CEO because it determines results. Therefore the information needed to measure your culture is critical. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity.


Engagement culture measured by Artificial Intelligence

Our AI platform is accurate, real-time and requires no effort. It measures internal written communication, primarily emails and digital chat. It does not read content instead through psycholinguistic analysis it measures two elements: Tension and personal involvement. This combination is the best gauge of engagement culture. Click here to see how it works (video 2min 17sec).


“KeenCorp’s software integrates with a company’s email systems and, for the first time, can accurately measure how employees are feeling from moment to moment.”

Rocketspace, April 2018


Data and privacy are 100% protected

The KeenCorp solution is safe: The privacy and confidentiality of each employee are fully protected. Every piece of text is anonymous, stripped, treated and added to larger cluster groups of a minimum of 10 people. Only a single numeric score per group is ever stored per day, which can never be traced back to an individual person. We analyze trends and group dynamics, not individuals. For KeenCorp’s full privacy practices and certification please click here.


“One of the most promising tools for truly measuring engagement”

HCM Technology Report, February 2018