Knowing daily how your employees are feeling



Around the world companies lose millions of dollars to unmotivated staff.  If employees are not engaged it can cost at least 1 month of non-productive time per year. But if companies get it right, everybody wins. Where employees are highly engaged absenteeism is reduced by 3%pt and staff turnover by 66%. Companies outperform their peers by 200+% and add 8% to their bottom line.


Employee engagement affects everyone’s business

So, if there is so much value in employee engagement: Why is it still in the domain of HR only? Why is it only measured (bi)annually, compared to other KPIs that are tracked on a daily or weekly basis?  And why is it not an integral part of management decision making, but measured through stand-alone surveys?  KeenCorp believes that organizations should track employee engagement continuously. And review it regularly. At low costs, at zero effort and in real-time. Because this will create new insight and opportunities that just weren’t available before.


Simple, unobtrusive measurement every day

Impossible? Not anymore. KeenCorp’s revolutionary software uses proprietary artificial intelligence and psycholinguistic analysis. It’s algorithm recognizes patterns and detects tension from regular e-mail and corporate messengers. It works unobtrusively in the background to provide automated and continuous reporting. This has huge advantages over traditional surveys and other techniques. It is simple, effective and economical. Click here to see how it works (video 2min 17sec).


Privacy is 100% protected

The KeenCorp solution is safe: The privacy and confidentiality of each participant are fully protected. Every piece of text is anonymized, stripped, treated and added to larger cluster groups. Only a single index score is ever stored, which can never be traced back to an individual. For KeenCorp’s full privacy practices and certification please click here.