At KeenCorp we believe that employee culture will be an essential part of the regular conversation, directly related to performance, used by leaders, managers and staff at all levels.

We have a unique, proprietary software solution and a single numeric KPI that enables organizations to do this.

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Our team


Bruno Jakic (33) has been interested in programming and computers from an age of 12. Bruno earned his bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence in 2009. He founded AI-Applied together with Mark Mooij in 2005. He is the former first CTO of 8 consecutive year award-winning ecommerce player, which was recently sold to Media-Saturn.



Mark Mooij (33) earned his bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2009.  At KeenCorp Mark specializes in sentiment analysis and is actively involved in business development as KeenCorp’s product owner and CIO. Mark has worked with Bruno for over 10 years, the last 5 years at AI-Applied, which they cofounded.



Jurgen Steeman (55) is an engineer, but has grown a leadership consultancy for Fortune 500 companies following his post-doctorate degree in change management. During his career he has trained over 2.000 employees. Jurgen has developed an assessment method to self-awareness and sustainable behavioral change. He is author of the book Golden Box Method and KeenCorp’s Chief Alignment Officer (CAO).



Femke Marsman (47) has a consulting background, like Jurgen and heads up consulting and business development at KeenCorp. Femke trained as a psychologist and has been running a successful private coaching & consulting practice for 18 years. She is a fan of employee engagement training and advises multiple companies in this domain.



Viktor Mirovic (43).  With 20 years of experience in “hands-on” venture capital and corporate finance Viktor leads KeenCorp with his experience in structuring, strategy design and business development as the companies’ CFO and co-founder. Previously Viktor was CFO of AND Publishers, a listed software company on EURONEXT, which he restructured back into profitability.



Hans Hemels (50) has 25+ years of experience in HR, of which 16 years in executive leadership positions (Korn Ferry Hay Group, Dutch Railways). Hans leads KeenCorp in its scale-up phase, strategy & execution, team and Value Added Reseller dynamics, business development and is the company's CEO.



Jean-Pierre van Lin (50) joined KeenCorp in March 2017 to lead the Marketing development. With years of experience with corporate giants (e.g. SABMiller, Diageo, Tesco) and several start-up businesses (e.g. Circle Health by ex-Goldman Sachs execs), his most recent venture is in Virtual Reality.



Pepijn Visscher (39) has bags of client solution experience: 10 years in HR analytics and HR E-tooling, including 5 years as project manager Engagement with a focus on text analysis. Having joined in April 2018, he is our client project manager IT and Data. Pepijn has a university degree in philosophy.



Jenny Melcher (21) studies Psychology and Computer science at Middlebury College, Vermont.  She joined KeenCorp as an intern in June 2017 and has been involved with different facets of the company since then.  Working from Houston, Texas Jenny reaches out to potential clients, increasing KeenCorp’s presence in response to fast-growing interest from the US market.