The measurement produces a single ratio: The KeenCorp Index. Over time the index fluctuates indicating improving or falling levels of engagement within a determined cluster of employees.

Users of the service receive detailed dashboards to support their planning of interventions.  The information provides deep insight into trends and groups and is used for quick action within days instead of months or quarters. This way culture has a genuine place among the other boardroom KPIs.

Two examples of user dashboards are MoodMetrix and Attitude Heatmap.


MoodMetrix measures employee engagement on a daily basis. Outcomes are visualized for all employees, per department, team or project with a minimum of 10 participants. All scanned communication is stripped and treated so that the privacy of individual employees is fully protected.

MoodMetrix gives daily insight into the current development and trend in employee engagement. It allows comparisons with the past and between groups and view the direct effects of management decisions. The user can determine whether to dive deeper into more detailed information per group over a specific time interval.

Attitude Heatmap

The Attitude Heatmap is the diagnostic tool to further specify the trend per group.

It enables drill down on those areas of the organization where an optimum impact on engagement can be achieved. It becomes possible to measure the effects of intervention programs and to visualize the effects of management decision-making.

The groups are tailored to enable specific analyses.  For example per age group, demographic, diversity, tenure, level of education, function and salary scale.