The process of implementing the KeenCorp tool is as simple as is it robust. First we perform the Retrospective Analysis that looks at historic data. This is a particularly easy and insightful first analysis that gives a taster of the power of KeenCorp. It also provides the baseline for future assessment. Once the historic baseline is laid, we progress to fully supported Installation.

Retrospective Analysis

1.      Scoping – determination of target groups, specific organizational cuts and clustering. Any cuts can be made, so long as the groups consists of more than 10 individuals to protect privacy and confidentiality. For KeenCorp’s full privacy practices and certification please click here.

2.      Quickscan - the Quickscan takes a mail corpus of, for example, two years as the base material. It generates a detailed picture of the historical development of employee engagement to date. High-impact management decisions are made visible. It shows how changes and decisions have had an effect on the mood within the company.  From this newly found location, the organization resets the future destination. The Quickscan is an ideal introduction of KeenCorp. An average set-up takes a mere 5 working days.


3.     Planning and Stakeholder Management - a detailed project plan to set-up, implement, execute and review, along with roles, accountabilities and ways of work. Detailed communication plan. Including work council and privacy, Board and other users. Inform and invite participants.

4.     IT Installation – set-up and configuration, testing and integration with company dashboard.

5.      Ongoing support, service and evaluation - during the first months after installation KeenCorp will advise on report interpretation. During this period the know-how on how to interpret and derive action from the index will be deepened and transferred to the client. Upon request further value-added analytics (e.g. demographics, clusters) will be provided.