Prof. Frank Partnoy in The Atlantic – valuable insight in your inbox

The Atlantic is one of the oldest and most respected opinion-leading magazines in the USA and tells the story of KeenCorp from its early inception.

“This is something companies are hungry for”

Frank Partnoy is Professor of Law at University of California Berkeley School of Law and heads up its governance institute. Frank is a recognized world expert on financial market regulation.

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Josh Bersin for Deloitte – Trends for 2018

Mr Josh Bersin spots KeenCorp as an important innovation in his latest report on “HR Technology Disruptions for 2018”.

“The applications of this [ONA] technology include… identifying potential patterns of fraud or risk… . …KeenCorp not only studies network traffic but also identifies the mood of communications and can identify when a part of the organization is under stress.”

See page 32-33.

Josh Bersin is the global authority on HR and talent issues.


Harvard Business Review – Change Management


HBR discusses the merits of digital data to understand employees. It paints a promising vision for the future:

“Analyzing activity in email traffic…. a sort of “real-time employee sentiment analysis” that would transform the quality of insight managers have at their disposal.”

Futuristic? No! Keencorp is already doing it today.

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Solution Partner

Omniscien Technologies is a leading global supplier of high-performance and secure high-quality Language Processing, Machine Translation and Machine Learning technologies and services for content intensive applications.

Covering 550 language pairs and with a number of industry specific solutions, Omniscien Technologies is KeenCorp’s global partner of choice. By joining forces, KeenCorp’s innovative solution can be enriched and tailored to meet global business requirements.

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