Critical intelligence improving your business

KeenCorp’s revolutionary new approach opens up opportunities across a number of business areas.

  • Risk identification and prevention

  • Managing change and transformation

  • Understanding culture and engagement

  • Company valuation.



Are you seeing all the risks inside the organization?

Understanding the risks to business is surely something that should be at the top of priorities for any CEO. Governance and Risk is usually steered by those not directly involved in the day-to-day activity of a business, they operate at distance unable to feel the real pulse of the organization.

KeenCorp functions as a dashboard warning light. It can sound the alarm in case of any major fluctuation as an indication of potential future risk.

“Employee tension is highly correlated to the moment in time when governance, compliance and culture problems are created. For boards, the promise of new technology means better insight into what’s going on beneath the surface at the company.”

C-Suite magazine, Spring 2018 issue


Are your people coming along?

Nobody likes change and people view change with caution, fear and doubt.

But change is critical to the success of every business and bringing the right people with you is crucial.

KeenCorp’s software solution allows real time granular analysis of a change process. It enables specific analysis of those most affected by it, and clear comparison pre- and post, plus tracking against project milestones.



How are your people doing this week?

Good management starts with good measurement.

KeenCorp can measure your entire organization or any group within your organization anywhere in the world.

  • Individual departments,

  • Client-facing roles,

  • Future leadership,

  • Recently hired mission critical roles,

  • Key target groups in the long-term labour market.

Measuring performance and dynamics anytime, anywhere.


How valuable is the organization on the inside?

The traditional due diligence process of an acquisition or investment is heavily geared towards financial ratios and cost benefit projections. The people asset is important and key individuals can be identified and looked after in a variety of ways.

KeenCorp’s software solution provides insight into potential landmines or opportunities that otherwise are invisible with all employees, or with key groups. It creates a completely new and much richer assessment of value creation, its potential or its erosion.

“Goldman Sachs calls this kind of natural-language processing ‘a critical tool for tomorrow’s investors”.

The Atlantic, September 2018